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From Whitley Bay, Tynemouth or North Shields direct to Newcastle City Centre for only

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Online Booking
This enables you to book your taxi from the convenience of your PC or laptop. Click the link to the right to go to the Booking Form >>

We have made our Online Booking as simple as possible with the following steps. Once the Booking Form has been completed, the job is placed onto our system automatically. If you have any problems or enquiries, please e-mail us or call our Admin Office on 0191 2517738.

How to book your Taxi online

You will first arrive at a screen similar to that shown right...

To help you in filling out the Booking Form, on hovering your mouse over a particular field, an explanation of what to type will appear in the 'Context Help' panel at the top right of the screen.

Once you have completed the Form to your satisfaction, click the 'Book this Journey' button at the bottom of the screen.

If your address does not appear automatically when you type, please e-mail us at and we will add the details to our Database.

After booking your taxi you will see a confirmation screen, similar to that shown below...

Cancelling a Booking can only be done online if the taxi has not been dispatched. Click on 'Job Status', and the screen left will appear...

Job Status — Enter the booking reference and click 'Check Status'. After cancelling a job, the status is displayed in the left hand column, as shown below...

Job History keeps you up-to-date with any jobs you have booked from your Account thus far.

Default Jobs — You can set up your own default jobs if you book from several different locations (eg home or work). Just click on 'Default Jobs' and name the job from its location, for example 'job-name = home', then fill out your home details and a regular destination if you wish. Fill out the name and phone number field then 'Save' this. This will then appear in the 'Default Job' field when you make a booking so you can simply select and book without filling in the fields every time.

My Profile — From here you can change your details and set your permanent default jobs.

Live Job Status — 15 minutes before your journey time or in the case of an immediate booking, a 'Live' indication will appear on screen. When this changes from 'Booked' to 'Dispatched' you will know your taxi is en route, and your phone will ring twice 2 minutes prior to pick-up.