Business Accounts

Business and Corporate Accounts

We have over 350 Credit Account customers, ranging from large National/International organisations to personal or family accounts, and all are equally important to us.

Why we recommend a Business Account

ocused on making life easy for our many Business clients, our system and procedures are designed to make the booking process simple and reliable. If your company is one that uses taxis on a regular basis, you will find it beneficial to set up a Business Account rather than paying for each individual journey by cash.

All you have to do is E-mail us an ‘Account Request’ at to request an Application Form and, subject to status, we will set up an Account for you.

Business Account customers receive priority treatment over ‘cash bookings’ as our Dispatch System recognises Account bookings and automatically moves them to the top of the job queue.

For security purposes we will allocate you a confidential PIN number to be quoted when ordering your taxis. On reaching their destination, the passenger simply validates their journey with the driver.

At the end of each month you will receive an an easy to understand Invoice itemising the date, time and journey relating to any booking, as well as details of the passenger and person who authorised the booking. Payment may be made by cheque or credit/debit card.

At EastCoast we understand that staff comments are often the first link between new customers and ourselves. We always give Account customers priority. However, during periods such as our weekend rush hours, we appreciate as much notice as possible to enable us to provide a more efficient service.