Free Phones

Freephone Points

For your convenience and peace of mind, we have installed Freephone Points along the coastal chain of Metro Stations, and Freephone Points or our “Taxis on Tap” Taxi Butlers within various Organizations and Stores throughout the region.

Local Organizations and Supermarkets

Locate the EastCoast Freephone Point, lift the receiver and your call will be answered quickly by one of our Operators. If booking using one of our new Taxi Butlers, please follow the simple instructions on the sign located alongside.

Please let the Operator know should you require any special assistance. We will dispatch a taxi to where you are waiting as soon as possible. Look for the EastCoast Freephone or Taxi Butler points at each of the following local organisations and supermarkets:

  • North Tyneside General Hospital, Rake Lane
  • Sealife Centre, Tynemouth
  • Sainsburys, Whitley Bay & Northumberland Park
  • Wilkinsons, North Shields
  • Iceland, Whitley Bay
  • Morrisons, Whitley Bay
  • Aldi, Whitley Bay
  • Asda, North Shields
  • Marks & Spencer, Silverlink